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Nursery & Preschool Department Policies

It is the goal of our staff to provide competent and compassionate care to all nursery & preschool children in a safe, spiritual, and secure environment.
  • The minimum age for nursery workers in 16 years. Any worker under the age of 21 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Any worker attending high school may only work in nursery or preschool area two (2) Sundays per month.
  • No worker may be alone with a child at anytime. There must be at least two (2) workers in a room at all times.
  • Only authorized persons are to be in the nursery area, the only exception being the mother of a nursing infant. An authorized person is a paid nursery worker who has completed the following:
    1. Application & interview process
    2. Background check
    3. Nursery training process
  • No child should be taken from the nursery
  • For safety & security reasons, all nursery & preschool doors must remain closed at all times.
  • The process for pager pick-up and return will continue as follows:
    1. Pager will be assigned to family upon arrival to nursery.
    2. Children will then be taken to designated room and all paperwork completed as needed.
    3. After service, pager must be returned and dismissal slip obtained in order to receive children from designated area.
  • Children will not be released from a designated area without a dismissal slip.
  • For safety & security reasons, parents are asked to remain outside the classroom when dropping off or picking up their child.
  • All items must be labeled with child's name.
    1. Members will be provided with permanent diaper bag tags. All articles removed from diaper bag must be labeled with child's name.
    2. Visitors will complete number labels and articles removed from diaper bag must be tagged with corresponding labels.
  • All hygiene guidelines must be followed.
    1. All trash bags are to be securely closed and placed in the hallway by your door following each service.
    2. All tables and counters are to be cleaned with appropriate disinfectant following each service.
    3. All toys are to be washed with antiseptic wipe or cleanser and disinfectant spray applied before returning to play area.
    4. Hands must be washed following all diaper changes
    5. See additional guidelines posted in designated areas
  • All workers are to notify the Nursery director before a parent is paged, the only exception being a nursing infant.
  • Children must remain in designated age appropriate room. No child over the age of four (4) years is allowed to be in the nursery or preschool area.

All nursery staff are paid members of Glen Haven Baptist Church . Please always be mindful that they are, first and foremost, servants of Jesus Christ, who choose to use their gifts and talents to provide a necessary ministry for the infants, toddlers, and parents of our church.